Friday, 8 February 2013

Sales Intelligence Test (SI Test)

Sales expertise is a difficult thing to measure. You can interview your candidates about their sales experience and competencies, you can ask them to complete a biodata and personality survey or finally run a series of sales simulations (role plays) to see how they behave in  work related situations. All of these selection measures have their strengths and weaknesses. Job interviews, biodata and personality measures are easy to administer and saving time but also easy to fake. Role plays on the other hand are difficult to fake but at the same time very expensive and time consuming. One selection measure that combines the strengths of the above methods is the Sales Intelligence Test (SI Test) which is a situational judgment test measuring practical intelligence in the field of sales. Read this post to see what practical sales competencies it measures,  how valid it is and how to use it to chose better candidates for sales positions.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Job samples

Job samples are one of the most accurate methods of assessment and selection of candidates. In short, all you need to do as a recruiter is to ask candidates to perform a task or action that they will regularly perform in the role they are applying for. For instance,  ask a candidate applying for a graphic designing position  to make a piece of graphic design, a translator to translate a one-page document to a target leanguage, a trainer to conduct a sample workshop etc. If you however recruit for IKEA, just ask your candidates to have a seat...